Retro Gaming and Computing fond memories - Retro Gaming

Old school micro and retro gaming and retro computing - what's all this about you ask? Well....

There are many of us that have fond memories of our first computer, or even our first actual 'go' on a computer (my first proper go on a computer was my friends Sinclair ZX81). We aim to take a lighthearted look back over the years at a myriad of machines, consoles and games, and recount experiences from those magical days. Retro gaming is enjoyed by many, and some of us have a real passion for it.

We will cover many machines from bygone era's, ranging from well known machines such as the Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum and Atari ST, to lesser known models (though no less important) such as the Oric 1, Dragon 32 and Acorn Atom.

So please, dig out an old can of Quatro and let Mart and Bri regaile you and re-live those distant memories of a time when computing was diverse, your options were plenty, and programmers pushed machines to and beyond their limitations.

Mart and Bri - The Uber Retro gaming geeks.