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Welcome to Computer History.

Here you will find lighthearted reviews of classic computers, classic arcade consoles, technical information and historical information of many of the most popular home computers.

Find out which machines were classic games machines, which had the best arcade games, and which were most popular in schools.

We have lots of machines from the likes of Acorn, Atari, Commodore, Dragon, Sinclair and so on...

Each machine is categorised by company or manufaturer - so clicking on the Acorn category will display each machine produced by Acorn, clicking on the Commodore category will display each machine manufactured by Commodore and so on.

We hope you enjoy our little dedication to these retro machines and the classic arcade games that many of us played.

With emulation very much at the forefront of retro gaming and classic games - you may just be able to emulate any one of the machines in these pages - or even play some of your favourite classic games online.

Last retro game system reviewed: MB Vectrex

Current favourite retro computer: Commodore Amiga 500

So join us here at Retro Computers and help to keep the arcade games, arcade consoles, classic games and retro computing spirit alive.

Thanks all,
Mart and Bri.

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MCT said...

Hi guys, I started following your site some time ago but I never really had a good look around. Your overviews of the systems are great and the little extra pieces of info you have a great to know. As a Commodore fan myself it's great to see others with the same passion for the Amiga and other Commodre systems

The Retro Brothers said...

Cheers MCT - we do indeed love the Amiga!

Glad you like the site

Anonymous said...
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